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Michael Alber has been involved in music since the age of ten where he began piano lessons. From an early age he was driven to create his own compositions composing an original piano piece within his first year of taking instruction. Through his high school years he taught himself music synthesis and music technology in the nascent years of the development of electronic music. Through the self-study of scores he developed an interest in arranging. A graduate of Berklee College of music, he concentrated in the areas of jazz, tonal and atonal music, as well as film scoring. His signature style displays influences that range from Bach to Beethoven to Stravinsky, as well as John Cage, Miles Davis, Chick Corea, and Prince.

In addition to composition and arranging Michael is a skilled performer with over thirty-five years of performing experience as a multi-instrumentalist specializing in percussion and guitar. Michael is comfortable performing in either a classical ensemble, orchestra, jazz combo, or pit orchestra for musical theatre. Working with Michael you will find him to be reliable, dependable, and flexible delivering a detailed and prepared performance that is artistic and dynamic.

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